AFL Grand Final 2018 Parade Schedule, live stream and updates

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The AFL Grand Final 2018 is another highly attracted event of the AFL League. It attracts thousands of viewers every year to watch their favorite players. It denotes the last journey of the year for the two final teams who will march along with the marching bands towards their final destination, i.e., Melbourne Cricket Ground for the final match.

Last year, the AFL Grand Final got an attendance of over 60,000 in the street. 28th September 2018 is the date when the AFL Grand Final Parade is scheduled along with the final clash for the end of 2018 season of AFL.

Latest Update on the AFL Grand Final 2018 Parade

28th September 2018 is declared as the public holiday in Victoria due to the event of final AFL match. This allows attracting a huge number of attendances to the parade and the match. After considering all kind of debates and thoughts during the recent weeks about the arrangement of the show, the decision was finalized that there is no need for any kind of changes in the schedule of the ALF Grand Final Parade.

Grand Final 2018 Parade Schedule and Planning

After a lot of planning and analyzing, the route and schedule of the Grand Final 2018 parade have been finalized. The pre-match excitement is well expected to begin on the morning of 30th September 2018. The Grand Final 2018 Parade will commence from MC James Sherry at the Old Treasury Building.
The press conference is scheduled to begin at around 11:15 AM. At 12 noon the commencement of the parade will happen from the Old Treasury Building. At around 12:15 PM the presentation ceremony will be started at the MCG Stadium and the Parade is scheduled to conclude and reach the stadium at 1 PM.

Live Stream:

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Route Plan of the 2018 AFL Grand Final Parade

The Grand Final Parade is a great opportunity for every footy lovers of every age to meet their favorite players before they gear up for the final event. The final parade provides all kind of entertainment like the marching bands and roving entertainers as the cavalcade of Toyota Hilux’s carries the two grand finalists through the road of Victoria. The parade starts at the Old Treasury Building to the live site of the match at Yarra Park.
The parade route is expected to be similar to the last year unless any last time changes are done. The route will be:

* At 12 noon the parade will be started from the Old Treasury Building on Spring Street.
* The parade will march to the south of the Spring Street.
* It will take a left turn to the Wellington and then travel towards east.
* It will enter the Yarra Park and enters gate number 3.
* It continues marching through Yarra Park and reaches the AFL Grand Final Live Site, i.e., the MCG Stadium at around 1:00 PM.
After the parade concludes, the final match of AFL 2018 is expected to begin at around 2:30 PM.

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