Adelaide Crows vs Richmond Tigers Live Streaming channels, TV telecast, Tickets, Lineups, Past history, and updates

The climax of the exciting 2017 AFL Season has arrived as Adelaide Crows will play against the Richmond Tigers on Saturday 30th September 2017. The final match will be held at the MCG Stadium which has the capacity of around 1, 00,000 people. There will be millions of people from around the world who will be enjoying the match either from the stadium or from the television or by online streaming.

The AFL Season is one of the most exciting sporting events in Australia. It brings millions of people come along together and enjoy the great sporting event.

Tickets to Watch the Final Encounter

You haven’t got the tickets for the final match on 30th September 2017 then it is too late now as the ticket window for the public is closed now. However, there are many other options to watch the live match.

Read more about AFL Final tickets here.

Different Live Streaming Channels and TV Telecast to Watch the Match

Channel 7 is providing the service to watch the live match on your television free of cost. Along with this, there are many pay channels offering high-definition videos to catch the live match in your computers or other sources. is the official site to watch the match live and stream online. There are options to view the match in your mobile phones also by installing the relevant apps on your Android, Windows or iOS platform. We will be updating more streaming channels to watch AFL Grand Final 2017 here.

If you are outside the country also, you don’t have to worry about missing the live action. The online streaming service providers also have options to stream the video outside the country.

Final Team Lineup of Adelaide & Richmond

The final lineup of the 22 players for the two teams is yet to be declared. The list of the names playing the Grand Finale will be declared at 6:15 EST on this Thursday. So stay tuned for more news and updates on the final selected players for the final match of the season.

Past History between Adelaide Crows & Richmond Tigers

As per their current form, the Adelaide Crows are definitely the favorite to lift the cup. However, the Richmond Tigers are also not letting any stone unturned for the final match. Thus, it is definitely going to be a thrilling match to watch.

Result of their last 5 encounters

* 2013, Round 12: - Richmond 16.14 (110) won at MCG. Adelaide scored 10.12(72).
* 2014, Round 14: - Richmond 10.19 (79) won at Adelaide Oval. Adelaide scored 9.15 (69).
* 2015, Round 19: - Adelaide 11.22(88) won at Adelaide Oval. Richmond scored 8.4 (52).
* 2016, Round 3: - Adelaide 19.14 (128) won at Etihad Stadium. Richmond scored 13.14 (92).
* 2017, Round 6: - Adelaide 21.14 (140) won at Adelaide Oval. Richmond scored 10.4 (64).

So, both the team is having a proper balance against each other. However, the team of Richmond Tigers will be playing the finals after 1982 and they will be working very hard to end the longest drought in the AFL finals.