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AFL Grand Final 2017 - Adelaide Crows vs Richmond Tigers Start Time, Date, Entertainment, Prediction and updates

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So, we have got our two finalists for the Grand AFL Finale. On Saturday, i.e., 30th September 2017 the team Adelaide will play against the Richmond. The both team will contest each other for the final trophy in the MCG stadium this Saturday and one team will be declared was the premier. The fans are expecting a thrilling climax of the 2017 season of AFL. Nearly one 1, 00,000 crowds will gather to experience the AFL Grand Finale in MCG stadium on 30th September.

Schedule of the AFL Grand Finale Match

The celebration of the match will begin from the morning on the final day, i.e., Saturday, 30th September 2017. There will be the great Grand Finale Parade that will commence from the press conference at 11:30 AM and the parade will begin at 12 noon. The match of the Grand Finale will start from 2:30 PM and around 7 PM we will get the winning and the premier team of the 2017 AFL winner. The final team of the 22 players will be declared on Thursday night.

Different Entertainments on the Final Day

Like every year, 30th September 2017 will be full of entertainment and events. The day will begin with the Grand Finale Parade. Thousands of fans will gather in the street to watch their favorite star players marching the street along with the marching bands.

The Parade will conclude at around 1:30 PM and the match will begin at 2:30 PM. During the halftime, there are different attractive arrangements for the fans as International rock stars The Killers will perform along with the pop singer Dani I'm and the star Mike Brady.

Don't miss out AFL Grand Final parade on 29th September 2017.

How to Watch the Match Live?

Getting the tickets to catch the live match from the stadium is the best way to enjoy the most awaited event of the year. So, you better hurry to get your ticket as this is the last minute and if you are lucky, you may get your tickets also.

However, if you don’t get the ticket or want to enjoy the match from home with your friends and family, then also there are various free and paid services to catch the live match. Channel Seven will broadcast the game free of cost, and you can view the high-definition live match from the various paid services like from the AFL official channel, Fix Footy or others.
You can also watch the match on different devices like mobile phones, computers, and others.

Read More about AFL Grand Final Stream Updates here:

Predictions and Updates

Adelaide Crows and Richmond Tigers, both the team is in an amazing form. So it is tough to predict any favorite from both the teams as all the 22 players will give their 200 % in the field as both the team will be playing the finals after a long time.

Whoever may win the game, we all are expecting a thrilling match between the two teams in this Saturday.

Adelaide Crows vs Richmond Tigers Live Streaming channels, TV telecast, Tickets, Lineups, Past history, and updates

The climax of the exciting 2017 AFL Season has arrived as Adelaide Crows will play against the Richmond Tigers on Saturday 30th September 2017. The final match will be held at the MCG Stadium which has the capacity of around 1, 00,000 people. There will be millions of people from around the world who will be enjoying the match either from the stadium or from the television or by online streaming.

The AFL Season is one of the most exciting sporting events in Australia. It brings millions of people come along together and enjoy the great sporting event.

Tickets to Watch the Final Encounter

You haven’t got the tickets for the final match on 30th September 2017 then it is too late now as the ticket window for the public is closed now. However, there are many other options to watch the live match.

Read more about AFL Final tickets here.

Different Live Streaming Channels and TV Telecast to Watch the Match

Channel 7 is providing the service to watch the live match on your television free of cost. Along with this, there are many pay channels offering high-definition videos to catch the live match in your computers or other sources. is the official site to watch the match live and stream online. There are options to view the match in your mobile phones also by installing the relevant apps on your Android, Windows or iOS platform. We will be updating more streaming channels to watch AFL Grand Final 2017 here.

If you are outside the country also, you don’t have to worry about missing the live action. The online streaming service providers also have options to stream the video outside the country.

Final Team Lineup of Adelaide & Richmond

The final lineup of the 22 players for the two teams is yet to be declared. The list of the names playing the Grand Finale will be declared at 6:15 EST on this Thursday. So stay tuned for more news and updates on the final selected players for the final match of the season.

Past History between Adelaide Crows & Richmond Tigers

As per their current form, the Adelaide Crows are definitely the favorite to lift the cup. However, the Richmond Tigers are also not letting any stone unturned for the final match. Thus, it is definitely going to be a thrilling match to watch.

Result of their last 5 encounters

* 2013, Round 12: - Richmond 16.14 (110) won at MCG. Adelaide scored 10.12(72).
* 2014, Round 14: - Richmond 10.19 (79) won at Adelaide Oval. Adelaide scored 9.15 (69).
* 2015, Round 19: - Adelaide 11.22(88) won at Adelaide Oval. Richmond scored 8.4 (52).
* 2016, Round 3: - Adelaide 19.14 (128) won at Etihad Stadium. Richmond scored 13.14 (92).
* 2017, Round 6: - Adelaide 21.14 (140) won at Adelaide Oval. Richmond scored 10.4 (64).

So, both the team is having a proper balance against each other. However, the team of Richmond Tigers will be playing the finals after 1982 and they will be working very hard to end the longest drought in the AFL finals.

AFL Grand Final 2017 Date, Time, Tickets, Holiday packages, and prediction

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The conclusion of the long and exciting AFL Season 2017 is slowly closing by. The final match of the grand AFL league is scheduled on 30th September 2017 and will be played on the usual MCG Ground.  The final series will begin from Thursday, 7th September when the team Adelaide will take on to GWS.

The Final match will follow after a long celebration for the conclusion of the season. The day will be full of ceremonies, and the Grand Final Parade of AFL is always one of the major attractions of the league.

Events and Entertainment on the Final Day

The exciting day will begin with the AFL Grand Final Parade. The preparation of the same will commence from early on that day. The schedule of the Grand Final Parade will be like: -

·        * At 11:15 am the Parade press conference form Toyota AFL Grand Final will begin.
·        Around 12 noon the Parade will start outside the Old Treasury Building in Spring Street.
·    Approximately at 12:45 AM, the presentation ceremony will begin on the AFL Grand Final Live Stage.
      At 1:00 Pm, the Final Parade, will conclude.

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Accessibility and Viewing Areas

The association has created three designated viewing areas for people with disabilities and their companions to enjoy the AFL Grand Final Parade: -

·       Opposite the Old Treasury Building at Collins Street.
·       At East Melbourne, at the corner of Wellington Parade and Claredon Street.
·       At the Grand Final Live site in front of the stage at Yarra Park.

Arrangement of Entertainment

The AFL Final Grand Parade provides an excellent opportunity for the footy lovers to watch their favorite players marching with the marching bands in the Toyota Hilux’s. But it is not just the parade or the highly exciting game which will be entertaining you on the final day. There are a lot of other arrangements. In the match day, various local and international music stars perform live. It is usually the half-time entertainment. It is expected that the Killers will be leading the show responsibility this year.

Where to Get the Tickets for the Final Event

The grand final match will be held at the usual MCG Ground. This spectacular ground has got the capacity of over 99,000. Thus, it allows a huge number of fans to cheer for their favorite team. The football fans from around the world will come together at this date and in the same venue to cheer for an exciting match.

That is why, if you haven’t taken the ticket yet, avoid the last minute rush and disappointment and book them right now. You can purchase the tickets online from

If you have no tickets in hand, Just follow our live stream channels to watch AFL Grand Final 2017 in HD quality.

Grand Final Holiday packages

People who have opted for the Grand Final Holiday packages, however, don’t have to worry about the tickets and other services as everything will be properly arranged by the organizers. The Grand Final Holiday Package is an excellent way to enjoy a vacation with family and friends along with the enjoyment and excitement of watching the match of your favorite team live from the stadium.
This is not the end, with the holiday package; you can enjoy the exotic location where your team will be going to play the game along with much other fun filled and exciting stuff.

Predictions of 2017 AFL Grand Final

With the 2016 champions Western Bulldogs out of the race in the final series, a lot of prediction went bizarre. Now team Adelaide leading the chart looking like a top contender for the final with Greater Western Sydney the second favorite.

Complete Guide to Watch AFL Grand Final 2017 Online from Official Channels

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The final phase of the AFL League 2017 is going to begin from 7th September 2017. The excitement of the match has reached to the sky high for the foot fans as their favorite team and star players battle each other and keep making their path to the finals.

The AFL Grand Final is going to happen on 30th September 2017 in the usual MCG Ground. 30th September is declared as the official public holiday so that everyone can enjoy the exciting final match either live from the stadium or through other means like radio, television or live streaming through the internet.

As per the deal of the AFL Grand Final broadcasting, the coverage right is split between free –to-air and pay TV. Channel 7 got the rights of free-to-air rights along with every game in the final series. Fox Sports got the got the rights of pay broadcaster.

Different International Broadcast Partners of AFL Television

AFL Grand Final Stream

BT Sports: - 

It is the UK’s fastest growing sports channel. It has gained immense popularity among the sports lovers due to its higher picture quality. In 2015, it launched the first Ultra HD (4K) channel which gives the opportunity for the fans to enjoy the sports in a 4 times better picture quality than HD.

Global Eagle Entertainment: - 

It provides the satellite based connectivity to the world market in air, sea, and land. With the most advanced technology, Global Eagle provides the best solution regarding media connectivity across the globe. You can visit the site to know more.

Sky Television: - It is a leading pay television broadcaster in New Zealand. It provides over 100 channels showing a broad range of content like sports, movies, music, entertainment, and others. It shows one match per week of the AFL Premiership Season and brings live telecast of the New Zealand, and MCG matches live. So, you can enjoy the final match with Sky Television. Visit for more details.

Australia Plus: - It is a unique multi-platform media service which provides services to over 140 million residences and across 39 countries in Asia and Asia Specific. The footy fans in Asia/Pacific can watch 6 matches every week with Australia Plus along with all matches in the final series of AFL 2017. is the website for more details.

How to watch AFL Grand Final When outside Australia

With Watch AFL, you don’t have to miss any AFL match even if you are outside of Australia. The Global Pass of Watch AFL allows you to subscribe and stream live games on your compatible TV, mobile, computers and tablets.

It provides access to 24/7 dedicated channel to AFL. So, along with the excitement of the match, also enjoy the strategic analysis of experts and replays and others. However, this only works outside of Australia.

So, for whatever the reason you are not in Australia, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise with the biggest event of the year.

AFL Grand Final 2017 Parade Schedule, live stream and updates

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The AFL Grand Final 2017 is another highly attracted event of the AFL League. It attracts thousands of viewers every year to watch their favorite players. It denotes the last journey of the year for the two final teams who will march along with the marching bands towards their final destination, i.e., Melbourne Cricket Ground for the final match.

Last year, the AFL Grand Final got an attendance of over 60,000 in the street. 30th September 2017 is the date when the AFL Grand Final Parade is scheduled along with the final clash for the end of 2017 season of AFL.

Latest Update on the AFL Grand Final 2017 Parade

30th September 2017 is declared as the public holiday in Victoria due to the event of final AFL match. This allows attracting a huge number of attendances to the parade and the match. After considering all kind of debates and thoughts during the recent weeks about the arrangement of the show, the decision was finalized that there is no need for any kind of changes in the schedule of the ALF Grand Final Parade.

Grand Final 2017 Parade Schedule and Planning

After a lot of planning and analyzing, the route and schedule of the Grand Final 2017 parade have been finalized. The pre-match excitement is well expected to begin in the morning of 30th September 2017. The Grand Final 2017 Parade will commence from MC James Sherry at the Old Treasury Building.
The press conference is scheduled to begin at around 11:15 AM. At 12 noon the commencement of the parade will happen from the Old Treasury Building. At around 12:15 PM the presentation ceremony will be started at the MCG Stadium and the Parade is scheduled to conclude and reach the stadium at 1 PM.

Live Stream:

We provide you quality streams to watch AFL Grand Final Parade here. Stay tuned here.

Route Plan of the 2017 AFL Grand Final Parade

The Grand Final Parade is a great opportunity for every footy lovers of every age to meet their favorite players before they gear up for the final event. The final parade provides all kind of entertainment like the marching bands and roving entertainers as the cavalcade of Toyota Hilux’s carries the two grand finalists through the road of Victoria. The parade starts at the Old Treasury Building to the live site of the match at Yarra Park.
The parade route is expected to be similar to the last year unless any last time changes are done. The route will be:

* At 12 noon the parade will be started from the Old Treasury Building on Spring Street.
* The parade will march to the south of the Spring Street.
* It will take a left turn to the Wellington and then travel towards east.
* It will enter the Yarra Park and enters gate number 3.
* It continues marching through Yarra Park and reaches the AFL Grand Final Live Site, i.e., the MCG Stadium at around 1:00 PM.
After the parade concludes, the final match of AFL 2017 is expected to begin at around 2:30 PM.

How to watch AFL Grand Final 2017 without cable?

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The Australian Football League is always the most awaited event every year since its launch in 1879. Since 1897 to 1989, this league used to be known as Victorian Football League (VFL) which was later renamed as AFL. The 2017 season is already in the final phase. It is the 121st season of this league.

Like every year, the grand final of the AFL 2017 will conclude in the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 30th September 2017. The qualifying finals will begin from 7th September, and the excitement of the matches is increasing with every passing day as the last day is approaching.

A lot of people are also thinking about the different ways to watch the game live. Yes, you can also catch the live excitement of the match without the cable connection too. Let’s find out the different ways to watch the AFL Grand Final 2017 without cable.

Catch the Match Online

This season, the officials had ensured that the fans are not restricted to any particular mode to stream the live match. So, this time, you can watch the match live on your TV, Desktop or even in your Smartphone.
So there is nothing to worry if you are working outside even in Sunday r just disconnected the cable connection, you just need to have a desktop or a Smartphone. Here are some best ways to watch AFL Grand Final 2017 live streaming through official channels from Desktop and Mobiles.

AFL Grand Final  2017official streams

      AFL Live Official App: - Got an Android or Windows phone, just install this and enjoy the live streaming of the matches along with a lot of other features like: -
Ø  Live report on statistics, scores, and reports.
Ø  All the highlights of the matches along with expert commentary and analysis.
Ø  Get alerts on your phone about news and different features of the matches.
Ø  With the AFL Live Pass, catch the excitement of the every live match of AFL league in your compatible handset.
The AFL Live Official App is now also updated to be compatible with iPhone and iPads.
          Foxtel Play or Foxtel Go: - What if you don’t have Foxtel or don’t stay in an AFL- based state. Nothing to worry about, you can still live stream the match with Foxtel Play of Foxtel Go apps. These provide you with the option to stream Foxtel Channels.
If you already have a Foxtel service, then Foxtel Go is available at free of cost.

How to Watch the Match From Outside of Australia

A football lover can’t miss the chance to watch the final match of AFL League. That is why, every possible way is made to let them enjoy the live match too, even if they are outside Australia. If you are holidaying or stay outside Australia, “Watch AFL” is the best possible source to live stream the match.

Watch AFL is a subscription based service allowing people to watch every match of 2017 AFL League of both Premiership and Final Series along with access to 24/7 Fox Footy Channel and all related news of AFL and in-depth analysis and others.

The service of Watch AFL is only available to watch the match outside Australia. You can watch the match through the Watch AFL in your compatible TV or desktop and even through your mobile devices.

AFL 2017 Grand Final Live Stream and Telecast Details

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The most awaited sport event of Australia AFL Grand Final 2017 is coming closer. The AFL Grand finals 2016 will be held on October 1st. The AFL Grand finals starts at 2.30 pm AEST. Toyota AFL Grand final will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne.

Toyota AFL finale series starts from September 2. The Semi finals will be held on 16th and 17th and the preliminary finals on 23rd and 24th. Last year Hawthorn Football Club was the AFL 2015 winners.  AFL 2016 Grand Final is considered as the Super Bowl of Australia. So everyone is eagerly waiting for the match. AFL 2016 Grand Final can be streamed live from your PC, Laptop and Mobile devices in HD. Get the complete details of AFL 2017 Grand Final live stream below.

AFL 2017 Grand Final Live Stream HD

You can watch the AFl 2016 from the below link

Watch AFL Grand Final 2017 Live HD Here

AFL 2016 Grand Final Telecast Details

Here are the telecast channels of 2016 AFL Grand finale

Australia Plus
BT Sport
Claro Sports
FOX Sports
Orbit Showtime Network
Sky Television
Global Eagle Entertainment

We will update more channel lists during the game here.

Toyota AFL 2016 Finals Series Fixture

September 2-4
Bye Round – Final Eight clubs
September 9-11
Week One – Qualifying & Elimination Finals (4)
September 16 & 17
Week Two – Semi-Finals (2)
September 23 & 24
Week Three – Preliminary Finals (2)
October 1
Week Four – Toyota AFL Grand Final

AFL 2016 Grand Final Date, Time and Venue

AFL 2016 Grand Final Date – October 1st 2016
AFL Grand Finale Time- 2.30 PM AEST
AFL 2016 Grand Final Venue - Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne

You can find full schedule and timings on AFL finals 2017 here.